Why Home Field Lending?

Private and hard money funding solutions for everyone.

We listen to your investment goals and find the solution that’s right for you whether you’re buying or refinancing an investment property.

We want to see you win. That’s why we offer support 7 days a week to minimize the obstacles to your next property.
  1. Clear Communication
    Discuss your project and needs directly with a loan specialist.
  2. Simple intake process
    To help as many investors as we can, we offer a streamlined application process, collecting only the most needed documents.
  3. Fast funding
    Unlike traditional lenders, we process and fund your loan in days, giving you the speed you need to secure the property you want.

To reach financial independence as an investor, you need fast and easy funding to secure the best deals for success.

That’s why we offer:

Competitive Rates

We work hard to secure you the best possible rates on your loan, maximizing your return on investment.

Outstanding Service

Our seasoned loan officers treat all clients with honesty and integrity while finding the best financing solution.

Transparency and Integrity

We believe in building trust with clear communication, an easy loan process, and ethical practices.

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Why private money?

Successful investors don’t have the time to wait for traditional financing. We make sure you have the cash in hand to beat out other offers on a property. Since we don’t have the standard hoops to jump through, you can go from application to approval to funding in days.

Private money lenders can also work with a wider range of investors without strict approval requirements. Conventional lenders often find investment projects too risky but with a private money loan from Home Field Lending, you can fund the investment project of your choice.

  • Faster closing time
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Quicker approval
  • No strict guidelines
  • Fund “risky” projects
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Private Money FAQs

It’s normal to have questions when financing a home or other property. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help guide you.

We’re here to answer any other questions you have.
Call us at (888) 298-9828.

What are the requirements for a private money loan?
  • Proof of identity
  • Investment strategy plan
  • Credit score and history

While your credit may not hinder your loan approval, we use it to help determine the loan interest rate. 

How does a private loan work?

Private lending simply means that the financing comes from a private company or individual rather than a traditional financial institution. Borrowers must still pay back the loan with interest but approval and terms are generally more flexible than conventional loans. Private money loans are also sometimes referred to as hard money loans.

Who should get a private money loan?

Real estate investors, whether fix-and-flippers or property managers benefit the most from private money loans. These transactions don’t have all the red tape that conventional loans have allowing for more freedom with your investment financing.

More than a lender

We’re here to partner with you throughout your lending journey. From initial communication on private loans to ongoing support on your investment, we’re committed to your success.
Turn your real estate ambitions into reality with the Home Field Lending advantage.